03 June 2010

Tooper Plays Catch

This is Tooper's favorite past time. He's gotten really good at it and I think returning the ball is the first trick he's learned. I'm proud of him.

30 May 2010


With the onset of the great French Open, Tooper's new thing is carrying around tennis balls. He's quite skilled at it. He has about four of them that he plays favorites with. It's particularly amusing since the ball is nearly the size of his head

29 May 2010

Goodbye My Love!

Kat Money left town and Tooper behind this weekend. The separation anxiety must be overwhelming by now. Good thing Toopy Toop and I are best buds now. We have all day to play catch, bark at the trees, and relax. Just dudes being dudes. 

24 May 2010


Bunny and Tooper are best friends. When we first introduced Tooper to the family we weren't sure how Bunny would respond. Now they love to play all day. When Tooper tries to cause trouble, Bunny always puts him back in his place.

21 May 2010

The Only One

Bunny had the perfect day yesterday. We went on a short run, she slobbered around the house, then she waited eagerly for me to throw her some of Pants's delicious dinner. Does it get any better than this?

20 May 2010

19 May 2010

Tooper Did It And He's A Ri-tard

My dog, he is a stupid dog,
his mind is slow and thick,
he's never learned to catch a ball,
he cannot fetch a stick.
My dog, he is a greedy dog,
he eats enough for three,
his belly bulges to the ground,
he is the dog for me.

-The final stanza of "My Dog, He Is An Ugly Dog" from The New Kid on the Block by Jack Prelutsky